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Welcome to Pokémon Café! You can battle and trade with Pokemon. Enjoy your stay!
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 Welcome to Pokemon Cafe

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PostSubject: Welcome to Pokemon Cafe   Welcome to Pokemon Cafe Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2007 5:11 pm

Welcome to Pokemon Cafe! You can battle and trade pokemon here. These are some things to get you started on Pokemon Cafe.

Our forums are mostly about Pokemon unless you are in a Spam forum which will be added soon. Spacial Time is souly dedicated to Diamond in Pearl although we do have a foum for discussing other generations.

Tournaments is a main thing here at ST Forums. We have two forums for tournaments. Custom Tournaments, and Official Tournaments. Custom Tournaments are tourneys that you members can make without the permission of a Admin. You can give out prizes to the winner and make sure you state the rules in the post. Official Tournaments are tournaments that members like you can not make. Those are only made by Admins and sometimes Mods. If you want to join a Custom or Official Tourney just post in that thread.

Mini-Teams are teams that verse eachother. Its a clan of members. What happens is one or a few members decide to make a mini-team. They will then create a team in the Mini-Team forum. This team then gets to recruit members that want to join their group. But before recruiting members the members that are joining must report to the Recruitment Board in the same forum. There they will see whether that team is recruitable or not. If they are not on the list that means they either said no to recruiting members or just haven't sent a PM to a Admin. You can also create your own team. If you have any more questions you might want to visit the rules topic in the Mini-Team forum.

Ranks are when you move up a level due to the number of posts you have. When you go up a number of posts you reach the next level. There are 13 levels. the first 8 levels represent the 8 gym badges. Once you complete them you are then on the Elite 4 which when finished you will have 1100 posts. The champion is then 200 posts after that if I am not correct. If an admin or a mod catches you spamming in threads or your mini-team thread to raise your post count, there WILL be punishment coming into play.
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Welcome to Pokemon Cafe
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